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Wednesday, April 09 2014

sys update


Several new designs and layouts have been added.

Custom design generator

Use the custom design generator to create a clean/fresh design for your site. Choose from several layouts and customize the logo/menu bar configuration. You can create centered layouts as well as full page layouts.

Page editor

Several updates have been made to the page editor. The component move feature and alignment options have been updated to make it easier to make page updates.

It is now easier to upload and edit images while editing your page. With any image/paragraph component, move the mouse over an image and click the edit icon. You can resize/edit the photo or click the photo icon on the left side of the options window to upload a new image.

Page background

From the page properties design/menu tab, you can now set the page background. This feature allows you to easily set a different background on different pages.

Long form/single page website

Easily create long form pages with full page width sections. Add custom backgrounds and colors to sections. Customize the menu to link to other site pages or to scroll down to sections on the page.

Custom page layouts

With the new custom page, you can setup your own page structure. Set the number of sections in each of the rows on the page. To add a custom page, click the add page button and then click the custom page type. To change the page configuration, go to the page properties and click the layout tab. Then click the customize button beneath the custom page type. You can also change an existing page to use a custom layout by going to the page properties, layout tab.

Photo gallery wall

Use the photo gallery wall display to add a pinterest style photo display to your website. Add a photo wall by editing any page and click the add button. Choose photo wall from the images menu. Or you can convert an existing gallery by editing the gallery. Click the change style button and choose photo wall.


Display Instagram photos using the photo gallery components. Edit a photo gallery, click the Instagram button and enter an Instagram account name.


When working with images, you can now choose to add graphic icons to your web pages. Customize the icon color, size and layout. To add an icon, go to any image component and click the select icon link.


There is now an option to include your websites sub menu pages for your mobile website navigation. To use the option, go to the mobile website configuration page. Click mobile design settings and then click the "Page nav buttons" options until "home/submenu" is selected.

Click to call: A new option for a click to call icon has been added to the mobile navigation bar. When you enter a phone number in the mobile settings the click to call icon will appear on your mobile website.

Website Blog Feed component

Easily add your latest blog updates to any page with the blog feed.

TaxCloud - automated sales tax calculation/management

Support has been added for TaxCloud. TaxCloud is a free, easy-to-use sales tax management service for retailers. Use TaxCloud to automatically calculate sales tax in real time for every state, county, city, and special jurisdiction in the US. To configure TaxCloud, go to your main store settings page and click the sales tax link. To signup for an acount, go to TaxCloud signup


  • Guest checkout option - users can checkout without having to create an account
  • Support added for 2 color swatch product option
  • Paypal updated to automatically direct users to paypal after submitting an order
  • Easier editing of coupon product restrictions
  • Internal order payment type - used for orders where payment is already collected or for entering test orders (only available to site admin when logged into website)
  • Amazon payments (beta)

Ecommerce - new reports

  • Customer analysis - new vs return and sales from return customers
  • Report of customers that purchased a specific product


  • Footer columns can be set to right align
  • Support for shared login accounts
  • Map component now supports multiple addresses
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