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Friday, May 02 2014

Make sure that your website is setup to take advantage of the latest techniques in web design.  Everything you need is built into your website admin to keep your site looking great. Here are a few quick and easy steps to keep your site up to date.

Update to latest UserInterface and DocType

Make sure that your account is setup to use the 2.0 interface with your doc type set to HTML 5.  You can configure these settings by going to Settings->Advanced/HTML.  While most of you are already using the 2.0 interface, many of you have not upgraded to the HTML 5 DocType.  Making this adjustment will allow you to take advantage of the latest design techniques built into  Changing your DocType may cause some spacing or custom HTML to change in its appearance, so do review your website after you make the update.  If anything does not look right, contact support, and we can help you with those.

Design Manager

Before making any changes to your website, be sure to save your current settings via the Design Manager.  This will allow you to reload your current design if you do not like your design changes.  The Design Manager can be found by going to Design->Design Manager

Use a Modern Layout and Color Scheme

Take a look through our latest professionally designed website layouts and update your website to have a more modern look.  You'll find all of our designs by going to Design->Site Layout and clicking browse layouts.  Making this change will update your website layout, menu buttons, and background.  You can try out different layouts on your site to find one that you like best.  If you don't like your changes, just go to your design manager to reload your old design.  Don't forget try out some new color schemes for your site as well by going to Design->colors. offers color schemes that are designed to look good together, but you can also pick and choose your own individual colors.

Design Elements

* CSS Menu - Make sure that your site is setup to use the CSS Menu options.  This will give you a text based menu which can be indexed by search engines.  Using a text based menu also allows more font options and allows your site to be responsive to mobile browsing (tables and phones).
* Text/Styles - Avoid formatting text (bolded, underlined, highlighted) via the text editor.  The best look is to use plain text.  Then go the Design->Text/Styles area to update the look of your text throughout your site.  The text editor overrides any settings you entered via the text/styles area.  Using the text editor tends to give your site an inconsistent look and makes it hard to quickly update the look and feel of your site.

Design Services

Don't forget that website builder support representatives are always availble to help you with any questions.  We also offer professional design services if you don't have time or don't want to makeover your own website.  Most website makeovers can be done for under $100. also offers high quality custom website and template installation services.

Check back soon for Part II which will show you how to dress up your site using our latest website design techniques including the Content Slider, Mega Menu, Custom Banners, and more.

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