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Monday, July 22 2013
System Update: 4.7

User interface adjustments

Several minor user interface adjustments have been added. These include new icons and color adjustments.

The settings sidebar can now be hidden providing more screen space in the site builder edit windows. To hide/show the settings bar, click the grey icon with three horizontal lines.

Mobile website (automatic/responsive)

It is now easier than ever to setup your mobile website. With the mobile responsive system, your website is automatically displayed in mobile mode. A mobile settings bar will be added to the top of your mobile pages. The mobile bar includes a home link and a link to display your sites menu. All page content is adjusted to fit in mobile browsers.

When editing your site, easily toggle between website and mobile views. Use the mobile settings, adjust the mobile nav bar color, configure menu displays and set the banner/logo display.

If you have more specific needs, you can create a dedicated mobile website using the mobile site builder.

Easier photo galleries

When setting up photo galleries you no longer need to worry about or adjust the size of your images. All you need to do is load your images and set how many columns you want. The system will automatically size your images to fit and reduce number of columns if needed. Set your gallery image size to auto/fill

Image styles (enhanced options)

Newer web browsers now support advanced image display styles that include rounded corners, drop shadows and borders. Use the image styles to give your site a custom look and feel. Create an use up to 4 unique styles.

HTML5 audio for mobile/IPAD support

The updated audio player now supports mobile devices.

Ecommerce updates

Support has been added for Stripe and PayMill payment gateways. Updates have been made to handle customer address changes. Extra HTML markup has been added to the product display pages to help search engines index your product pages.

Misc Updates

  • Easier access to copy page - go to page properties and click the advanced tab
  • Updated background image gallery
  • Google plus added to social links area
  • Option to send notice when a user subscribes or unsubscribes from your mailinglist
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