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Sunday, February 12 2012
System Update: 4.20a

Design Explorer

Use the new design explorer to try design options before making them live on your site. To use the design explorer, go to the design manager and click the design explorer link.

Ecommerce order processing

Several enhancements have been made to ecommerce order processing. These enhancements are designed to make the order processing features easier to access.

Quick access order menu

Each order in the order manager now has a small drop down arrow that provides quick access to common order processing functions. You no longer need to view the order to access functions like email notifications and order printing.

  • View order
  • Send email to customer
  • Order notes/status
  • Print invoice
  • Print packing slip

Order status icon

From the order notes page, you can now set an order status color. The status color is displayed on each line of the order manager. The order status color can be used for any purpose. Ex. set an order to "blue" to indicate that you need to follow up with the customer.

When the order status icon is clicked the order notes are displayed. This allows you to see order notes directly from the main order list.

Customer email quick messages

Using quick messages, pre defined (stock) emails/messages can be sent to customers. These stock messages make it easy for you to send order status updates or other information to customers.

Instead of typing a new message for each email, simply select a message from the list and click send.

To create a new message, go to the email page for an order. Select a message from the drop down list or select the option to create a new one. Each message can be customized with the customer name, address, order number and order date.

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